Coming out of Retirement

Well, I’ve decided it’s time to come out of retirement.  It was nice and peaceful but life is about excitement am I right? And what’s more exciting than art?! Making art of course!

All joking aside (yeah ok!) I have been rather busy. Big move this summer hence brand new studio to set up! And it’s starting to be organized finally.

Busy times!  Insanely fun of course, but busy.  This is good though, because I have lots to talk about for those interested on reading me go on about my countless projects.

PS: I’m NEVER retiring

Now where were we last?

Ah yes… I was painting some classy lady named Norma.

MT Studio - image 174

Well everyone, Norma has a sister. Want to meet her you say?  Well allow me to start the introductions.

MT Studio - image 175

This is the transfer stage.  I’ve done all the sketching & designing at this point.  I won’t show that part this time around.  We want a surprise at the end non?

MT Studio - image 176

I’ve got everything drawn onto the canvas surface so the next step now is to get  an appropriate backdrop to showcase our lady.  I’ve been going very simple for this set.  The faces are so stylized I didn’t feel they needed anything too complex.  What I did do however, is put some texture in there so it doesn’t get too boring for the eyes.  That’s just done by using a large brush and intentionally leaving all the brushstrokes on there. So it’s a pretty easy step.

MT Studio - image 177

Now comes the endless painting of hair.  Each strand has to be done one at a time.  I know this looks like very little but when you finish a chunk like that it feels like a major accomplishment!  Until you step back and realize how little you’ve done overall.

MT Studio - image 178

Almost one whole side finished?! Wowww…

It’s endless I tell you!

MT Studio - image 179

Oh yay! Got one side finished completely.  Time for a break probably… Except I get looking at the painting and start visualizing the next steps or notice a touchup to do and I end up back at work on it. That 30 second break was really refreshing though. I’m ready for the next side!

MT Studio - image 180

Oh look how quickly this side is going.  It’s because we’ve got more big chunky strands instead of all the little fine ones from the other side.  They were easy enough to draw on paper…

*Note to self: Design next painting with more chunky strands*

*2nd Note to self: Who are you kidding? The fine strands look too awesome*

MT Studio - image 181

And here we go, finally done with all the hair painting.  It’s been a nice week working on that… ok I exaggerate!  It was a day! And I loved all of it obviously.  Our lady remains a bit of a mystery still.  All the good parts are left to come.  I hear she has stunning eyes.. or a stunning eye rather.  You’ll see!


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